Structured Literacy

Take Flight utilizes structured literacy.  What does that mean?

Simultaneous and Multi-sensoryIn order to enhance learning and memory, all learning pathways in the brain (visual-auditory-kinesthetic-tactile) are engaged simultaneously.

Systematic and Cumulative Organization of the material follows the logical order of the English language.  Instruction begins with the most simple elements and progresses to the most difficulty concepts.  Each lesson is built on the previous concept learned and content is regularly reviewed to enhance retention.  

Direct Instruction- Multi-sensory language instruction includes the direct teaching of all concepts.  The therapist does not assume students have learned all of the skills.

Diagnostic Teaching- The instructional plan for every student is based on continuous assessment of individual needs with the goal of content being mastered to the degree of automaticity.

Synthetic and Analytic Instruction- Synthetic instruction presents the parts of the language and how they work together to form a whole.  Analytic instruction presents the whole of language and demonstrates how it can be broken down into parts. 

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